Saturday, October 13, 2012

All Moved In (Kinda)

We moved into our new place this week, finally! We're really enjoying it so far - the yard is gorgeous with plenty of trees and flowers, the layout is much cozier, and the pool was just redone. All I need now is a comfortable raft and I will be set for weekends spent floating in the backyard! We are still waiting for several key elements that will make us feel officially settled - i.e. our shipments, ability to drive our car, and Scott's security clearance. I just have to remember that I am in Africa and American time standards do not apply here, but sometimes it is tough!

This week was extremely busy at work for me. When visitors come, the Embassy assigns them something called a "control officer" - a position in which lowly beings such as myself are tasked with planning meetings, organizing logistics, and generally being a go-to person for U.S. government visitors in our host country. This week, I had the good fortune to be simultaneously working as control officer for a large group of VIP's and another (slightly lower ranking but equally important) visitor! I should mention that this was also my first time as a control officer! Fortunately, everything went smoothly and both groups were very happy with their visits. And now that I've done two at once, I am well prepared to handle any future visitors who may come to Gaborone.

But I definitely need the weekend to recover! Pool + raft, here I come.

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