Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finally Getting Settled

This shows only about a quarter of the food we had shipped over!
Our own little Target right at home.

We were thrilled to finally receive our shipments over the past couple of days. The process was - as we expected - frustrating... the movers didn't show up when they were supposed to, of course. But it all worked out in the end and we got last of our "stuff" on Saturday morning.

The house is feeling more and more like home and even though we have a ton of space here, the place is filling up quickly with all of the rations we bought in DC this summer. Over the four weeks I was at FSI, we spent every weekend stocking up at Costco, Target and the outlets. It sure paid off - now we have a massive stockpile of everything from canned salmon to my favorite Redken styling gel. We could survive for months off all the spaghetti noodles, granola bars and Cheez-Its piled up in our kitchen cabinets. Maybe buying all that was a little bit excessive, given that in Botswana many Western food and cosmetics brands are available... and some of those credit card swipes back in DC were very, very painful! 

All the same, I like to think we saved money and certainly avoided the hassle of ordering everything online  - no Amazon shipping costs and three week wait for a shipment of Wheat Thins for us! No substituting for greasy off-brand shampoo when the pouch is held up in South Africa! Just a two second walk down the hall to our handy supply closet which has a lovely sampling of everything we need.

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