Friday, December 28, 2012

Restaurant Review: Caversham Mill, Midlands Meander

Freshly made apple crumble!
Delicious chocolate raspberry cake.
On the way down to Durban, we stopped for lunch at the Caversham Mill Restaurant in the Midlands Meander, a lovely grouping of picturesque restaurants, artisan shops, hiking trails and B&B’s in the rolling hills of Howick. We did not have much time to “meander” through everything the area has to offer – it would take several days to drive around and stop everywhere along the route. But we really enjoyed our lunch at Caversham Mill restaurant: consuming a refreshing salad and delicious dessert accompanied by a glass of chilled rose wine, while taking in a view of the scenic waterfall was a welcome break from the road!

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Restaurant Rating (ON A SCALE OF  TO )
Trunk-swinging good. The salad lettuce was a little bit wilted. Excellent desserts.
Trunk-swinging good. Overall good service, but getting a water refill was challenging.
AMAZING – trunk and tail swinging good! What’s not to like about sitting outside by the water?
Overall Experience
Trunk-swinging good.  A fan would’ve been nice to cut down some of the intense heat.

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