Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So Many Episodes and Plenty of Time to Watch Them

Life in the Foreign Service can be an interesting conundrum when it comes to keeping up with current TV shows and movies. We don't live in the United States more than a month or two every couple of years, so for the most part we are at the mercy of whatever TV channels and movies are available locally.

Fortunately here in Botswana, movies come out just about a month behind the U.S. and I can watch some of the TV shows I like, such as What Not to Wear and Say Yes to the Dress (I admit that my television choices might be considered poor quality by some, but oh well!) The selection isn't great but is better than when we lived in Shanghai, where there wasn't much of a TV or movie selection due to heavy censorship and strict quotas on the number of foreign movies the government would allow into China each year. While there was a real bounty of pirated DVDs available for a few dollars on the street, as U.S. government representatives we could not in all good conscience partake of this particular temptation! Therefore, I am still playing catch-up on all the TV shows and movies I have missed over the past couple of years living abroad.

Solution (for the TV show portion at least): The Box DVD Set. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse on and voila! I have in my possession an entire season of a TV show that I missed while living abroad the past couple of years. We have caught up on several shows in this fabulous manner, including Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire, Rome and Covert Affairs. And currently I am mid-way through The Tudors - how did I miss this wonderful show? A period drama with intrigue, romance (a gentle way of putting it... watch and you will see), passion and HISTORY all wrapped up in four lovely seasons providing almost 40 hours of entertainment for those slow and uneventful Gaborone nights.

And now I must sign off - season 2, episode 8 is calling!

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