Thursday, April 4, 2013

R&R 2013: Six Weeks and Counting!

R&R 2013 is rapidly approaching!

Map of Iceland: we'll be driving around the island, spending
a night each in Reykjavik, Vik, Hofn, Myvatn, and Akuyeyri.
Our plans have changed significantly since I last posted on this topic back in January. Originally we were thinking of spending a few weeks in Eastern Europe, but from there we have made the not-so-logical jump to deciding to do a trip to London, Iceland, and Florida instead! This may seem random but there are actually good reasons for this itinerary: I have wanted to return to London since I studied abroad there in college (almost eight years ago) and now I have a friend from work who is posted at the London embassy; there is a direct and very inexpensive flight from Reykjavik to Sanford, FL near my parents' house; and of course Florida to see our families!

We are going to mostly wing it in London and Florida - not much advance planning required for these locations as we are fairly familiar with London and will spend most of our time in Florida at home with our families.

The exciting trip planning has been the Iceland portion, which we finalized this week - hotels and activities are booked! We'll fly from London to Reykjavik, rent a car there, and spend seven days driving the circumference of the entire island, with stops and overnights along the way. Highlights of the trip will include visiting the famous Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik; a whale watching tour in the northern city of Husavik; and a glacier boat ride at the ice lagoon in Jokulsarlon in the eastern part of the island. I can't wait!

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  1. Have fun in Iceland, it is a really cool place. I definitely enjoyed the Blue Lagoon as a relaxing spa afternoon. I didn't get to check out the Jokulsarlon ice lagoon unfortunately, but there is always next time. Hope you all have a great trip!

    Andy (From