Sunday, April 21, 2013

Restaurant Review: Embassy Indian Restaurant, Gaborone

This may be surprising, but there is actually very good and authentic Indian food in Gaborone, due to the relatively large Indian population here. So far I've tried two Indian restaurants in town: Chutney's and Embassy. Although each restaurant has its pluses and minuses, for the most part we prefer Embassy because of its higher cleanliness standards (compared to not-so-sanitary and sometimes funky smelling Chutney's) and less sketchy atmosphere (Embassy is located at Riverwalk, a popular and well-lit shopping center, as opposed to Chutney's, which is located in the Westgate Mall, an older shopping center that doesn't seem too safe at night, judging from the fake DVD hustlers and other shadowy hangers-about in the parking lot after dark).
All our favorite dishes.
Plenty more pages where that came from.

My addiction to Indian food flares up pretty regularly, and last night we set out to assuage one such craving with a delicious meal at Embassy. We typically order the same dishes - a yellow daal, butter garlic chicken, cumin potato masala, garlic butter naan, vegetable Manchurian (like Indian dumplings), and steamed rice... all washed down by a nice, cold Windhoek draft beer. Although the meal is pricier than many in Gaborone - about $40 for a couple - it is worth every thebe and I can't stop myself from going back at least once every couple of weeks. Yum! Since we do visit Embassy so often, I thought I am probably overdue for a restaurant review on one of our favorite restaurants. Here goes, with elephants this time:

1= I wouldn’t recommend it to other elephants.
2=The elephant in the room says this place needs improvement.
3=OK, but nothing to trumpet about. 
4= Trunk-swinging good.
5=AMAZING – trunk and tail- swinging good! 

Trunk and tail-swinging good! Embassy is one of the best restaurants in town, and you can always count on some amazing food.
OK, but nothing to trumpet about. Overall decent service, but the food can take 30-40 minutes to come out.
OK, but nothing to trumpet about.  Sitting outside is pretty nice, but on weekend evenings, Embassy's neighboring restaurant holds a lively karaoke night. If sitting through multiple, drunken renditions of Tiny Dancer isn't your idea of ambiance, sit inside.
Overall Experience
Trunk-swinging good.  Don't let the less-than-perfect score fool you - the food is delicious!


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